Auertech BL100A

Up to 1200 meters in one shift

Automatic BL100A for the rational production of components for modern log buildings with optimized length cutting, precise milling of the various connections and the creation of bores and bushings.

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The device is capable of producing house parts with an average cross-section of up to 1,200 meters. 
High-performance spindle drives and transverse milling ensure a clean milling contour without splitting. 
The compact and well-developed design allows the machine to be installed in a building that suits you. 
The machine can be ordered for three different lengths of blank 6 meters, 9 meters and 12 meters.

Included with the device:

  • conventioneer
  • feed table with servomotor and pusher system
  • BL100 with processing units (according to the selected configuration)
  • exit table with pneumatic unloading device
  • table of manufactured parts
  • operator control panel with IPC software
  • teleprinter

Technical information

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