Howial HVP 18

The compact finger joint device HVP-18 offers great time savings. The device is equipped with a gluing unit that uses PU glue or glues with other properties. The device has a single-sided or double-sided gluing option with a special comb device and microprocessor-controlled pumps. The machine uses a two-spindle milling unit to ensure a clean milling surface.

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Extreme precision finger jointing is achieved thanks to integrated processing steps: milling, gluing, pressing, feeding, cutting to the desired length. The long service life and high reliability of the device are ensured by a strong and durable construction and well-thought-out technology.Due to the compact dimensions of the device, the device does not take up much space. The maximum width of the material to be processed is 200 mm, thickness 100 mm. The pressing force of the device is 8 t.

Technical information

Timber max width: 200mm

Timber max thickness: 100mm

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