Katres KHT

Hightemperature dryers are designed for thermal treatment of tree species at temperatures from 170 to 230 ° C. Due to the hightemperatures used and for reasons of resistance to the wood acids are made in stainless steel design with a hermetically closed inside space during the heat treatment process. The best quality is quaranteed by heavy – duty fans together with efficient fan motors placed outside of the kiln. Heating sources are gas/oil burners, hot oil fluid or option with electric power. The process is controlled by a fully automatic control system. Hightemperature kilns are supplied with rail trucks – wagons for treated material with capacity from 5 to 90 m3 in one load.


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Key product properties

  • Massive stainless steel Design
  • Heating source-gas/oil burners, hot oil or electric heating
  • Fully automatic control of the drying process
  • Heavy-duty fans with a very durable propellers
  • Wagons and the floor also in stainless steel