Katres KSR

KSR dryers are characterized by great flexibility in drying smaller volumes of wood and also a very short loading time compared to front-loading loaders.

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The wood is located along the drying direction of the wood, the air blows along the material. The volume of wood dryers is between 4 and 160 m3.

  • KSR type dryers are loaded on rails with wagons.
Speed and flexibility in smaller volumes
Drying Kilns type KSR are characterized by high flexibility during the drying of smaller timber volumes and by very short loading and unloading times compared to the type of kilns loaded by frontal FLT. The timber lies lengthwise in the direction of the wood drying, the air blows upright to the direction of the loaded material. The capacity of wood dryers ranges from 4 to 160 m3. Both variants of loading are possible – passable and impassable Batch Kiln. Choose the one that suits you best, or both types can be combined.