Spänex briquetting presses SHB 40-55/60-125

For more than 60 years, SPÄNEX briquetting presses have been manufactured. More than 3,000 machines in practical use mean:

  • competence and experience,
  • customer satisfaction,
  • solutions in line with the market,
  • convincing technology,
  • highest quality standard,
  • long service life.

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briquetting brings solid advantages

In the machining processes, residues arise in the form of chips, dusts and wood chips, which are recycled, used energetically or disposed of. For many applications, briquetting the residuals is a convincing alternative with notable advantages:

  • volume reduction up to 90%,
  • better handling of residual materials,
  • production of sellable briquettes,
  • recovery of cutting oils and cooling lubricants,
  • reduced melting losses of metal briquettes,
  • reduction of the risk of fire and explosion by particulate

    compactable materials


    Practice has shown that chips and dust from the following materials can be briquetted:

    • solid wood
    • chipboard, MDF, etc.,
    • plastics (PU, styrofoam, fiberglass, etc.)
    • varnish and abrasive dust,
    • paper
    • cardboard
    • banknotes
    • steel and casting,
    • aluminium and other light metals,
    • cotton, textiles,
    • biomass (tobacco, rice husks, coffee husks, miscanthus, etc.)