Spänex Filtering system SMU 12/15/25/60/85/100

Dust extractors are used to extract dust from one or more processing machines. The extraction volume flows of the dust extractor range are between 1,200 and 10,000 m³/h and therefore are primary solution alternatives for joinery and carpentry companies. However, they also represent an ideal supplement to existing central extraction systems if the machine park is expanded and the existing filter system has no reserve capacity.

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By combining dust extractors, stationary filter systems can also be replaced. This concept is applied when, due to local conditions at the customer’s premises, filter systems cannot be installed outside of buildings and the alternative solution of arranging the filter system indoors and equipping it with flameless pressure relief is not feasible for structural reasons. 2, 3 or 4 dust extractors installed in the workshop form the extraction centre, which provides air capacities of maximum 20,000 m³/h, 30,000 m³/h or 40,000 m³/h.

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