Technology for wooden houses

Prefabricated and modular construction is becoming more common and is often recommended for energy-efficient and sustainable houses. As prefabrication takes place in a controlled production environment and follows specified standards, all components are built in uniform quality. This is important for accurate structure, tighter joints and better wall insulation.


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Thanks to prefabrication, all components are built by experienced staff in a weather-resistant factory, equipped with manufacturing technology with predictable workflow in production and multiple quality checks throughout the entire process. Imported data from the planning software enables the optimization of timber length for the best possible material utilization and machine control using the appropriate CAD/CAM interface for accurate processing.

An example of technology
in the manufacture of wooden panels

with production for up to 50 family houses per year

  • CROSSLINE 650 G – automatic crosscut saw
  • PONTEC – The multifunctional CNC-controlled bridge
  • FRAMER PROFI – assembling table
  • WING – tilting assembling table
  • VERTICAL PANEL TRANSPORTER – moves panels from the assembly tables into and out of storage
  • FINISHING LINE – holds the panel upright for finishing and for storage awaiting dispatch

    Benefits of our technology:

    • Lower worker overhead
    • Fast and safe handling of panels
    • Small production area requirement
    • Production hall with low ceiling height – reduced heating and maintenance costs
    • Optimized technical solution with uniform capacity across all workstations
    • Possibility of gradually increasing capacity
    • Economically balanced investment