TEST Bending Strength

The fully automatic test machines for bending strength and shear stress of finger-jointed timber and laminated beams provide measurements of modulus of rupture including immediate calculation and registration according to MPA standards. Our customer service will provide detailed information on special guidelines for testing separate standards.


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The testing procedure for bending strength and shear stress is fully automatic and generated by a computer programme, which records and analyzes all data. All measurements and evaluations will be listed in an excel chart for immediate overview. Force measurements are run by a type-tested system. Within the scope of supply of sustainable testing machines, you get a software generated production control-system by HOWIAL which provides easy handling. Shortened daily setup time and efficient protocolling are another benefit of our fully automatic system. Our service includes the delivery of precisely fitting spare parts which warrant a long operational lifespan of HOWIAL products.

Range of models:


For finger-jointed timber and laminated beams we offer:

  • fully automatic test machines for bending strength
  • fully automatic test machines for shear stress
  • E-modulus measurements
  • quality control
  • Technische Daten BSPLT-50 BSPLT-100 BSPLT-150 BSP-250
    Max. Kraft: kN 50 100 150 250
    Holzstärke max: mm 80 140 175 400
    Holzbreite max: mm 280 300 350 400
    Auflagerabstand max. mm 1400 2100 2650 6000