Hundegger K2 Industry

Machining timber flexibly and efficiently without measuring or marking and without setup changes – the new K2-Industry makes this possible for all timber construction companies that value maximum productivity from carpentry joinery through to log house construction.

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Our engineers have done a fantastic job and developed a completely new machine generation. Every detail and each component is uncompromisingly designed for high-performance 3-shift operation. The new K2-Industry brings a significant leap in performance for every user, and as a new high performance system in the series of Hundegger joinery machines, redefines the state of the art.

  • Excellent performance and impressive features.
  • Each machine is made according to the customer’s special requirements.
  • Large selection of different processing units.
  • Solid wood processing up to 1300 mm x 300 mm - any length.
  • Processing of cross – layer panels: GLULAM, CLT, LVL, KVH.
Length of material and part to be processed according to the length of the device itself (unlimited).

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