Hundegger SpeedCut

Tasks such as cutting simple timber elements quickly and precisely – without measurement, without marking, without setup – and, optionally, more extensive milling and drilling operations: this is exactly what the SPEED-Cut has been developed for.The SPEED-Cut operates at a previously unmatched speed. The heart of the machine is the flexible saw unit which can make cuts at any angle and inclination.

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The fully automatic machines from Hundegger with their high precision and performance will increase the profitability of your timber construction company. The SPEED-Cut was primarily developed for particularly fast and precise cutting operations as well as for many other processes required in timber construction. Increase the productivity of your company and secure your competitiveness: When it comes to cutting girder parts or timber frame construction parts, the SPEED-Cut is the fastest machine of its type.

  • SPEED-Cut 160 – from 20 x 40 to 160 x 450 mm
  • SPEED-Cut 200 – from 20 x 40 to 200 x 450 mm

Two independently operating conveyor systems position the workpieces and ensure fast and precise timber handling. The advantage is a short throughput time without adjustment or retooling. The SC-3 processes timber cross-sections of 20 x 40 to 200 x 450 mm in any timber length. It is also possible to reliably transport and precisely process several stacked workpieces without having to retool. Extraction? Not necessary! If desired, the SPEED-Cut can cut the rest wood produced during the cutting process into firewood-sized pieces. Chips, dust and rest wood drop down and are transported out on a conveyor belt Extraction is not necessary.


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