Hundegger SpeedCut

The Speed-Cut was developed to cut simple wooden components quickly and precisely – without measuring, without marking and without set-up. Optionally, more extensive milling and drilling operations can also be carried out.

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Even the basic equipment of the SPEED-Cut has enormous potential. With the saw unit alone, a wide range of processing is possible beyond cutting to length.
If you need more: The modular design allows the standard machine to be expanded at any time and equipped with additional units. Drilling, milling, slotting, marking, labeling – the SPEED-Cut can do it all.
Two independently working conveyor systems position the workpieces and ensure fast and precise wood handling. The advantage is short throughput times without adjustment and without set-up.

The SPEED-Cut processes wood cross-sections from: 20 x 40 mm to 240 x 480 mm in any wood length.
Even several workpieces stacked on top of each other can be safely transported and precisely machined without retooling.
If desired, the SPEED-Cut cuts the leftover wood to the size of firewood. Chips and residual wood fall down onto a conveyor belt and are transported safely and effectively out of the processing zone.


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