Multifunctional CNC working centre for:

  • full machining of windows and doors components
  • milling and drilling operations on profiled components

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CNC working centre SPECTRA covers whole spectrum of machining operations of straight or curved pieces for windows and doors. The machine is intended as a small working centre for full machining of four knock down components at the same time or as amendment to the angular machining centre for milling and drilling operations, rebate change profiling etc

The SPECTRA’s robust machine construction, powerful drive units, intelligent user-friendly software and perfect ergonomics jointly contribute to meeting the customer’s highest expectations regarding performance and flexibility.

Machine configuration:

  • 8/9,5 kW main electro spindle
  • fixed position for working aggregates in 90°
  • multifunctional drilling head
  • 2 horizontal milling units
  • 3 working tables with 4 pneumatic clamps
  • 6 positions linear toolchanger

Intuitive control of the machine is provided by a Beckhoff PC with 15” touch screen which uses data from WinCreator or third-party software where machining and all macros are defined. Spectra can be linked to the main angular machine from which identification labels can be printed out allowing the drilled pieces to be scanned and processed at the next stage.

Technical information

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